George Haikalis George Haikalis is Founder and President of the Institute for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc. IRUM is a NYC-based not-for-profit corporation concerned with reducing motor vehicular congestion in dense urban places. Haikalis is a civil engineer and a transportation planner with broad experience in research and analysis. Haikalis was with the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission for nineteen years, where he served as Director of Research, and with NYC Transit, where he was Director of Revenue Budget and Fare Structure Analysis.

More recently, Haikalis has assisted a number of civic, environmental and community organizations as a transportation consultant. IRUM hosts a number of citizen initiatives including Auto-Free New York, vision42 – a plan to create an auto-free light rail boulevard on 42nd Street, and the Regional Rail Working Group, an informal coalition of rail advocates in the NY-NJ-CT region.